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Ali Pacha
Joan of Naples
Karl-Ludwig Sand
La Constantin
Martin Guerre
Mary Stuart
Massacres Of The South
The Black Tulip
The Borgias
The Cenci
The Companions Of Jehu
The Countess de Saint-Geran
The Man in the Iron Mask Essay
The Marquise de Brinvilliers
The Marquise de Ganges
Three Musketeers
Urbain Grandier


1802 Alexandre Dumas was born in Villes-Cotter.

1806 After his father`s death the family lived in poverty.

1823 Went to Paris to find work. Due to his elegant handwriting he secured a position with the Duc d`Orléans -- later King Louis Philippe

1824 An illegitimate son called Alexandre Dumas fils, whose mother, Marie-Catherine Labay, was a dressmaker, was born.

1829 As a playwright Dumas made his breakthrough with Henri III et Sa Cour , produced by the Comedie Francaise.

1830 took part in the revolution of July

1832 The play La Tour de Nesle (The Tower of Nesle) was written.

1832 caught cholera during the epidemic of 1832, and traveled in Italy to recuperate

1838 Dumas` first true serial novel was Le Capitaine Paul (Captain Paul), a quick rewrite of a play.

1840 He married his mistress Ida Ferrier, an actress, but he soon separated after having spent her entire dowry.

1843 In a short work, Georges, Dumas examined the question of race and colonialism. The main character, a half-French mulatto, leaves Mauritius to be educated in France, and returns to avenge himself for the affronts he had suffered as a boy.

1844 The Three Musketeers

1845 The Count of Monte-Cristo

1855 Dumas spent two years in exile in Brussels

1857 returned to Paris

1860 He went to Italy, where he supported Garibaldi and Italy`s struggle for independence

12/05/1870 Dumas died of a stroke on December 5, 1870, at Puys, near Dieppe

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